Feb 25 • 21M

Behere NOW Founder Chat 4

Brooke and Matthew cover a diverse array of topics 😂

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The Behere founders and friends share stories and insights on the journey to rethink everything while organizing the homeschool revolution
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Topics covered:

  • Behere Now ode to Ram Dass

  • What’s in our name (free version 😆)

  • Brooke asks Matthew what he’d really like to do to bring him joy

  • Brooke doesn’t like her leg touched while podcasting

  • Our desire to create a beloved brand

  • Finding our boundaries with social media and companies that align with our ethos

  • Substack subscriber #1!

  • Brooke’s desired life as an Amish playwrite technophobe

  • Our next $2510 in the door (Thank you!!!)

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