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RE Cast: Mission Realignment

RE Cast: Mission Realignment

Matthew and Brooke recalibrate together on the RE Cast

Aloha Friends of Bēhere!

Join Brooke and Matthew in a ‘Mission Realignment’ discussion in this episode of The RE Cast! Come along with Brooke and Matthew, for a deep dive into the philosophy and mission behind their innovative approach to family life.

Embracing the essence of homeschooling within the rich tapestry of motherhood, Brooke highlights the transformative power of creating a slower, more intentional lifestyle, cultivated amidst the great outdoors and fueled by community support. They discuss the potential to revolutionize not only education but the very foundations of how families live, work, and learn against the backdrop of Californian life. Listen in as they explore the notion of raising creators rather than consumers, questioning the status quo, and hinting at a future where the global community comes together to redefine the learning experience. As always, amidst the honest and candid backdrop of family interruptions and the sounds of their children, this episode offers a raw glance at the impactful journey of one family's commitment to living out their values.

Inside the Episode:

- The Revival of the Recast: With the podcast's evolution, Brooke and Matthew delve into why sharing their story has never been more vital.

- Life with Van: Get to listen to the adorable coos of the youngest member of the RE cast family. Matthew and Brooke talk about the joys and challenges of recording with baby Van on board.

- Tale of Two Cities: Brooke opens up about the Wild and Free conference in San Luis Obispo and shares invaluable insights from her experience with fellow homeschooling families across southern California

- Mission Statement: Listen as Brooke and Matthew discuss the new mission statement for Bēhere.

- A Family's Revolution: Brooke speaks passionately about the desire to impact family culture by embracing nature, reducing technology, and encouraging creativity.

- Constructing Community: Dive deep into the poignant conversation as Brooke highlights the integral role of community in shaping enlightened learning environments.

What to Expect:

💡 Empowerment for homeschooling families

💡 A riveting talk on balancing creativity with modern-day responsibilities

💡 Stories of transformation and resilience

💡 A manifesto for living a slow and intentional lifestyle

💡 Sibling interruptions that remind us of family's endearing chaos

Stay tuned till the end for Matthew's call to revolution and a vision for the future of education that challenges the status quo.

We Welcome Your Input!

After you listen, we invite you to send your questions and stories. Let's keep the conversation going. You never know, your insights may be featured in our next episode.

Questions for you!

Do you feel a revolution brewing? Do state and public school systems need dismantling? What might replace them? How can we better serve families that want to depart from the dying systems?

The idea of revolutionizing the way families live, work, and learn is a central theme of the episode. What does a revolutionary change in these areas look like to you, and do you think it's attainable?

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