Bēhere RE Cast
Bēhere REcast
Founder Chat 3: Knowing our Value

Founder Chat 3: Knowing our Value

Matthew asks Brooke a BIG Q... and the rest is history.

Brooke and Matthew sit down together after a long day, and a second round of getting our little Elle down for bed. Matthew asks Brooke a question about MONEY!

The marvelous duo has been on a long journey challenging them to the depths of their being — and they have survived it! Not only that, they have created an environment that children want to come back to everyday!

What an incredibly fundable couple!

Do you know someone who might appreciate an epic investment opportunity to enhance the future of education and the future of work? We’re looking for the right angels who would like to fund our vision — we know they are out there.

In the meantime, we’re also giving our community a direct way to help fund us for taking the next steps of our journey. We’d love to raise our next $25K with you through our new mini-pre-seed funding page here: bio.site/behere

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Bēhere RE Cast
Bēhere REcast
The Behere founders and friends share stories and insights on the journey to rethink everything while organizing the homeschool revolution
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